French Green Clay Masks Recipes

French Green Clay Masks RecipesFrench Green Clay is rich in important minerals and phyto-nutrients. It is the most widely sought after clay for use beauty, cosmetic, hair and personal care applications.


The rich mineral content of French Green Clay rejuvenates the skin while it exfoliates and helps remove oil, dirt and debris. It promotes glowing skin that looks smoother, softer and healthier.


- absorbs dirt and impurities
- cleansing
- provides gentle exfoliation


DIY French Green Clay Face Mask:

Mix 1-2 tbsp. french green clay with water until paste is smooth. Apply the mask with a mask brush over face (and décolleté if you like). Get dry and rinse with warm water. Tonify the skin with rosewater or with your usual tonic. Apply mosturizer if your skin is too dry.